2 Days - 1 Night - All Inclusive

From $240 per student

  • 1 x nights accommodation or camping at Middle Rock Holiday Resort; including all catering

  • 1.5 hr Sandboarding Tour

  • 1.5 hr Dolphin Discovery Cruise onboard Moonshadow TQC

  • 2 hr hands on experience at the Shark n Ray Centre

  • 4 x Science and Sustainability workshops with elasmo Ocean

  • 1 x Planet Warrior Induction Pack including a keepsake drink bottle.

  • All inclusive transfers

  • Empowering and educational

  • Working towards a sustainable future

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An Educational Experience Like No Other

Students are a new wave of potential in an a vast ocean of unlimited possibility. During this era where children are aware and concerned about the prevalence of pollution, over fishing and climate change impacting the planet. This educational experience aims to educate students on the positive choices and changes they can take home to improve sustainability within their household and community. We strive to empower students to create a world they would like to live in, knowing they are enough.


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An extracurricular excursion that expands students knowledge and understanding of the natural world, promotes discovery, inspires imagination and empowers students to bring about a sustainable future.

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